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IPO 001 - Novea Inc

Our first company is ready to IPO - Invest and Buy Stock

Novea Inc is the owner of Jacana Warranty who are about to become the UBER of the extended warranty market.

Our Approach

We specialize in Crowd Funding through the new Regulation A+ : Tier 1 & Tier 2

Companies are now able to raise up to $50 million from unaccredited investors in a mini-IPO style offering serving as a potential alternative to venture capital or other institutional capital. This is now the greatest steps forward for small businesses looking to raise capital.
Tier 1
Reg A+ Tier 1

Raise up to $20M in a 12 month period

Going Public through Reg A+

We have the expertise to take your company public

Tier 2
Reg A+ Tier 2

Raise up to $50M in a 12 month period

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